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A special gourmet food and wine experience at the Grande Epicerie de Paris

Thursday November 27, 2014


Vignerons IAB 27 Novembre 2014 Grande Epicerie de Paris

The wine producers representing the In a Bottle club


Act I – featuring the presentation and tasting of 2012 vintage wines made by members of the In a Bottle club for twenty or so journalists who attended the event.


Act II – ‘land/sea’ food pairings with wines from the club flighted by style and appetizers by the chef Emilien Windels with Sturia caviar.

“Caviar is tricky to cook with and pairing it with young red wines from the club, with their tannins, volume and aroma, was a real challenge. We had to work with top quality ingredients and select the specific style of caviar from Sturia’s range that would match the wines’ personalities and balance flavours based on the these three variable components,” explains chef Emilien Windels.


Act III – this time the action took place at the table and focused on the fish that produces the roe. The same level of creativity was maintained throughout the lunch.

Vintage 2012 wines made by In a Bottle club members coupled with the creativeness of the chef and array of origins for the caviar enabled the experience to run the gamut in terms of “textures, structures, aromas and flavours” and revealed how successful pairings between young red wines and Sturia caviar could be.


The three appetizers for the pairings
Smoked Charlotte potatoes, makrut lime-flavoured, low fat cream and Primeur Sturia caviar Château Flaunys, Château La Tour du Pin Figeac, Château Jeandeman, Château Ambe Tour Pourret, Château Les Religieuses, Clos du Pontet

Mises en bouche 27 Novembre 2014 Grande Epicerie de ParisCubes of duck foie gras cooked in mulled wine, tangerine zests and Vintage Sturia caviar Château Tessendey, Château Croque Michotte, Château Ogier de Gourgue, Château Milens, Château Les Religieuses Grand Réserve

Kobe beef steak tartare, reduced Bordelaise sauce and Origin Sturia caviar

Château Le Caillou, Château La Grave Figeac, Château Mancèdre, Château Moulin de Clotte, Château Lanbersac

Tamarind-coated Sturgeon steak, black rice, sweet potato and Prestige Sturia caviar

Château Canon Montségur, Saint Nicolas, La Claymore, Bélingard Réserve, Croix de Bertinat Expression, Haut Colas Nouet, Château Grand Français 2010

Brillat Savarin cheese stuffed with Origin Sturia caviar

Château Laborde Cuvée 1628, Château Lajarre Cuvée Éléonore, Château Blissa, Château Croix de Bertinat Révélation

To end the meal on a sweet note, wine glasses donned a golden hue with Château Bélingard Réserve 2011 Monbazillac served with blancmange, citrus fruits, Monbazillac filling, Primeur Sturia caviar and silver leaf.


Oenologues IAB 27 Novembre 2014 Grande Epicerie de Paris

The In a Bottle club’s three winemakers

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The partner wine growers all have one thing in common – they all enlist the help of one of these three associate consultant winemakers:
Julien Belle, Stéphane Toutoundji and Thomas Duclos.

This Club offers you the opportunity to meet winegrowers from different Bordeaux and South-West appellations and to discover or select red, white and rosé wines in an affordable price bracket.

These are well-made wines that are monitored technically and are well-received by the media, the market and consumers as quality products.

This platform is dedicated to you – browse, visit and read about our news then come for a tasting.

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